Friday, 5 June 2020

Hi, I'm back!!!

OOOOPsssss! I'm back

Love to have been blogging more frequently, but I see my last post was in 2015!!!  Shame on me.
I just didn't use it that often, and after some time, I just forgot.
Making a new start (I hope)
Life and work take over sometimes.

I still work for the Dutch Railways, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Railwaycompany in the Netherlands)
And I still create chrocheted things. In the first place for Blythe dolls, and BJD.

Here are some of my recent creations …..(most of them are sold, but please visit my webshop on Etsy;   )

  A Collection for RealFee

                                           But also for (vintage) Strawberry Shortcake

                                     And I was tempted to purchase a Bru Island Doll

And for myself (so not for sale)  I made a new cover for an old piano stool...

That is it for now, new things and information coming soon...

Monday, 14 December 2015

Just pictures....

Pictures .....I would love to post more often, but I the fact is I don't have time, or just forget.
Still I would love you to see a glimpse of my last year in pictures.

In May my sister and I went to Rimini, Italy. Where we went for holiday when we were children and later when we were young adults. It had been 27 years when we were there the last time.

The street where we stayed the very first time in 1974

Market in Rimini City

Then in July I had my front and backgarden renovated

Carved a lovely Jack o' Lantern for Halloween

Took a moment (as did the whole world) to remember the people who died from the terrorist attacs in Paris
Three lighted yars in my front garden.
Liberte, Fraternite, Egalite

A few days later there was a National minute of silence as well.
The advertising screens at work showed a burning candle.

And now I'm all ready for Christmas. I have time of work for 2 and a half weeks. Bliss!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring, again...

So Spring is upon us and so much of my New Years resolution
 of updating my Blog a bit more frequently.
But I'm here now and I have moved on from my
 "NoSnowThisWinter" dissapointment.
Now I'm enjoying the soft, green haze that appears on
 the trees and bushes.
In my neighbours garden a blossom tree is showing it's pink lushious flowers
and will soon be confettiyng the whole street.

Also (in the back garden of an other neighbour, there is a pear tree in full bloom.

In my livingroom I changed the warm winter decor into fresh and springy!
I bought a new cover for my Ektorp Sofa.
The colour is called Duck Egg.

Please ignore the mess on the coffeetable,
 I was just in the middle of something when I took this picture.

Between my fulltime job and keeping my house tidy and neat,
I (ofcourse) crocheted a lot.
Here are some creations;


For the TeenyWeenyDesign Etsy Shop;
Yosd/LittleFee items

Blythe items;

And last but not least, I have ordered a new doll. 
Even when I was on a dolly diet!!
It is a doll from the talented dollmaker Connie Lowe.
The doll's name is Sprocket "Glee".
I itch to make all kinds of wonderful hats, shoes and many more things!
Here's an example how she looks;

I'm still waiting for her to be delivered and then I have to do the face makeup.
(this made the doll a lot cheaper) 
I'll make her in a little redhead with freckles!

Keeping you informed how I get along with this......later!

Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year resolutions

My Resolution for next year is to try and update my blog more frequently.
But for now, just some pictures of the bygone year, and to all my followers;

A very Healthy, Happy New Year!!!

My Christmas Tree

Nativity Scene
My Window sill in Christmas mode
Part of my living room
New Pincushions for the webshop ( Soon to be listed!
Little Christmas Stockings for a Christmas fair
I've been to a Ice Sculpture Festival in Zwolle
It's theme was 200 years of royal family.
Item for Christmas Fair
I helped my neice to make a surprise gift for her mother
Making Port-Balsamic Jelly (yummie with cheese and game dishes)
All for Fair, sold 2, gave away rest as a present!
The finished product
November storm