Friday 19 March 2021

I would love..... try and post more regularly, but I never do.

I saw another Blog and was inspired again...

Here in the Netherlands the weather right now is sunny....the crocuses have dissapeared and I have a very solitairy daffodil in my front garden. 

Luckally my Viburnum has exploded with flowers, which are happily been visited by many bees.

I am crocheting on various projects....

 Bru Island Doll Outfit Easter


 Bru Island Doll Outfit Spring

and just send an order to the US. 

Hat for Middie Blythe

It has been a while, regarding orders from my webshop (  ). I think it is due to the (very expensive) shipping costs and safety regulations. It used to be so easy and cheaper, because everything was send flat, like a letter in an envelope. Now it is regarded as a parcel.

Luckally people understand and orders are starting to come in again.

And this motivate me to make more lovely things....

    Striking a pose....
 (outfit is included in  Bru sland Doll Outfit easter)

What else? Working on a baret for Blythe...

And , not creativally related; 199 colleagues and I demonstrated, on the 5th of March, 
against cuts in people at my job. Several Unions were there, as well a political representatives.
The plans are to close Ticket/Information counters at many railwaystations and reduce, drastically,
the Service Employees.   

On our way to the designated demonstration area near the Central Railway Station in  Utrecht....
All Covid -19 regulations were respected.

It felt quite impressive....

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