Friday 5 June 2020

Hi, I'm back!!!

OOOOPsssss! I'm back

Love to have been blogging more frequently, but I see my last post was in 2015!!!  Shame on me.
I just didn't use it that often, and after some time, I just forgot.
Making a new start (I hope)
Life and work take over sometimes.

I still work for the Dutch Railways, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Railwaycompany in the Netherlands)
And I still create chrocheted things. In the first place for Blythe dolls, and BJD.

Here are some of my recent creations …..(most of them are sold, but please visit my webshop on Etsy;   )

  A Collection for RealFee

                                           But also for (vintage) Strawberry Shortcake

                                     And I was tempted to purchase a Bru Island Doll

And for myself (so not for sale)  I made a new cover for an old piano stool...

That is it for now, new things and information coming soon...

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