Monday 30 December 2013

New Year resolutions

My Resolution for next year is to try and update my blog more frequently.
But for now, just some pictures of the bygone year, and to all my followers;

A very Healthy, Happy New Year!!!

My Christmas Tree

Nativity Scene
My Window sill in Christmas mode
Part of my living room
New Pincushions for the webshop ( Soon to be listed!
Little Christmas Stockings for a Christmas fair
I've been to a Ice Sculpture Festival in Zwolle
It's theme was 200 years of royal family.
Item for Christmas Fair
I helped my neice to make a surprise gift for her mother
Making Port-Balsamic Jelly (yummie with cheese and game dishes)
All for Fair, sold 2, gave away rest as a present!
The finished product
November storm


Thursday 26 September 2013

Early Autumn Walk....

Today my youngest sister and I took a  walk through a nearby piece of woodland called Amelisweerd (in Bunnik, Utrecht)
The weather was wonderful and  the scenery too! Everything was still very green and at first we mentioned it was not autmny enough, but soon we began to see all kinds of beautiful mushrooms everywhere.
I Always love to see how the sunlight shines through the leaves!
After about an hour we visited a little cafe.
Coffee  and date and walnut cake on the left, carrotcake and tea on the right.
On the way back to our bicycles we took a peak at the organic flower and vegetable garden. Stupid enough I was so in "ahw" , I forgot to make an overall picture
Just part of it
When we walked past a few rows of chard (snijbiet) I saw how the sun set the red stems alight and of course I did take a picture of this! Isn't it amazing? No colour enhancement or photoshop!!
It was a lovely morning indeed!!

Thursday 19 September 2013

Too long overdue!!! A little update.

Has it really been 3 months since I updated my Blog? How time flies. Summer has come and gone and Autumn is setting in with rain and more rain.
September 14th I booked a stall at a fair in my neighbourhood and it was a sad affair. I barely sold anything and I had reduced the prices of many articles. I had small cute things for very little prices.
But I could not tempt the public. People tend not to buy anything when the weather isn't helping a bit.
It drizzled, with now and then a little dry spell. But when gusts of winds blew my items across the stall I gave in and put everything in the plastic containers and went home.

It was such a letdowm that I haven't crocheted even one stitch since. I've got stock enough. And to think I made many lovely sets of coasters.


 Autumn Colours
I even made a set of Halloween coasters
I didn't set up the stall as I Always do (with white, long tablecloth like sheets) because everything became wet from the rain. I used a plastic cover sheet to line the stall table.
The sign in the background is from the stall behind me. It promotes a political party.
My helper in the stall, 14 year old niece Emma
Some details on the stall

The heart earrings were made by Emma

Now I want to concentrate on more season related items and I really have make some more items for the fashion industry (for dolls that is LOL)
For LittleFee
For Lati and PukiFee
And of course for Blythe Dolls
Well, that's it for now. I will be back soon. Things to do!!
I'll keep you posted (more often I hope)

Sunday 9 June 2013

Summer is approaching...

Here in Holland we are slowly beleiving it is going to happen; Summer is approaching.
It's been lovely, Sunny weather for a good week now, not too warm, and everybody is enjoying it immensely!

 I've been enjoying my  (nearly) 4 weeks of work and went to Rome from may 27th untill June 2th. My sister and I were amazed by all the sites to see. The Colosseum was just around the corner and you can't say that very often. We visited many things like the Colosseum, Forum Romanum, Palatine, the Vatican and the Pantheon.

In between all those things we saw pittoresque little Streets, visited a small market, went to a shopping mall called Cinecitta Due (near the Original studio's) and tried to do as the Romans do.

Which is a nice saying, but very hard when you are an independent, efficient, quiet traffic rules respecting, what you see is what you get, Dutch citizen.

Let me explain; the traffic was horrendously busy. Nobody respects zebra crossings. Some Romans do NOT respect green lights AND zebracrossings. We had the constant urge to check the menu for hidden prices. And with this you had to watch out for bad pavements, they were sometimes as bad as the ruins we visited. But overall it was worth the visit. LOL!!

Here are some piccies;
Typical Italian form of transport, opposite of our Hotel Solis
Me (left) an my sister inside the Colosseum
The Trevi Fountain, tucked away in the corner on a small square.
Mosaic in the Vatican
The famous balcony where the Pope stands on special occassions
The most beautiful vegetable stall I  ever saw!
Me on the Spanish Steps
 June 2th Day of the Republique, a National Holiday
Since Monday the 3th I've been back and doin all sorts of things. clearing out and throwing things which were long overdue to throw away. Just enjoying "simple" things, like drinking coffee on a bench in my front garden. Doing some groceries (and enjoying the order in our traffic) Thursday the 6th was the last day of our traditional 4 day Evening Walk (Avond 4 Daagse) where all kinds of people (but especially children) walk different lengths of kilometres every evening, to earn a medal on the last evening and their families are spectators, honouring them with flowers and treats. My brother in law and my two nieces walked 40 kilometres devided into the 4 evenings.
(From left to right)My brother in law Etienne, and nieces Lot (10 ) and Emma (14)
To finish my update here are some pictures of some bunting I've made (inspired by Lucy from Attic24) and some lovely coasters for my webshop ( )
Decoration for my livingroom

Coasters Cath (matching the colours on the mugs!) 
Coasters Rainbow (cross section 9 cm)