Wednesday 18 April 2012

Quite quiet..

Nothing much to post, I have been working these past few days and not doing anything much else.
Today I have the day off and I am clearing up my house. The usual things. The livingroom is tidy again and I've sorted out my flowers. I love ranuncles but they drooped down after a couple of days. So I snipped them short and made (together with some gerbera) a feature out of them on my coffeetable.

I also finished two new cushions for my sofa last week. I nearly forgot about that.

A few days ago I received a nice little gift from Lynn Holland
(from )
Nice stickers and a magnet with her wonderful Doodly Birds on it.. Little treasures!

On the crochet front nothing big either. Altough I made two pincushions.
They are similar to the Key Cover pattern, but I adapted it slightly bigger.


And speaking of the keycovers;
From now on I also have the Key Cover Pattern for sale!! If you are interested; they are under this link ;

Well, for someone who had nothing much to tell I filled up my post rather nicely!
Be back soon.

Saturday 7 April 2012

I have been busy.

So I've been busy making Easter branches. I've collected a few branches, let them dry out a week or two. Then I gave them two coats of (chalk) paint and stuck them in a vase.
I crocheted a veeeery long garland and decorated the branches. I thought it still was very bare, so I made BIG flowers to dangle from the branches as well and they look great (If I do say so myself)
Easter Branches

No more news on the Olympic front unfortunately. I am so eager to have more information, but nothing of it yet.

But  there is news on the crochet front.
I have made also two new Key Covers and three Birdhouses. This all for my shop.
People actually ask me to make more, so for now it is in stock.

I also sell the patterns at and for Dutch versions at  Copyright 2012

Today I have the day off, but I am working the following days. I'm planning to bake cupcakes for work (since tomorrow is a bit of a festive day) and decorate them with whipped cream and a sprinkle of crushed yellow and green meringue.  I will post pictures when I have finished them.

...................................It is now two days later and I totally forgot to make pictures of the finished meringues. I can tell you everybody enjoyed them immensely though.