Saturday 13 April 2013

I do believe it is here...

SPRING, that is...

Today was a beautiful, rather Sunny day. I write Sunny with a capital letter S, since I respect the sun very much nowadays. it took forever but it is finally here!! No more frosty nights and I believe tomorrow, in some parts of the Netherlands,  it is going to be a mild 22 degrees Celsius!!
Pity I have to work tomorrow.

Yesterday, after a short cycle trip, I bought myself some Spring flowers and put them in a
vintage terrine on my coffee table.
Two varieties of daffodils and a hyacinth

I recently crocheted a garland which I put on my short curtains and I bought some candles in the same colours. I think it looks very nice.

I have been tidiyng my attic/craft room for short periods of time and threw away some thing I hadn't used for a number of years.

Here is a tiny part of the attic before and after

Looks nice, doesn't it?!! It is such a shame I have to go to work tomorrow, because I have been busy with all kinds of things today, and I'm on a roll;  Clearing out, washing, folding and ironing. Been outside plucking weeds from my garden. Too much for just today. Now I'm taking a break after photographing and editing the pictures of 25 little crochet birds, which I needed for an add in my webshop ( )
I'll start making dinner now, and do some crocheting tonight if I still feel up to it.

Here are some things I made over the last week...

A festive garland for the coronation of our King Willem- Alexander on April 30th


Some of the pairs of Baby Shoes...

And some pairs of hairclips

Well, as you can see, I really don't have time to go to my regular dayjob, LOL.