Saturday 13 April 2013

I do believe it is here...

SPRING, that is...

Today was a beautiful, rather Sunny day. I write Sunny with a capital letter S, since I respect the sun very much nowadays. it took forever but it is finally here!! No more frosty nights and I believe tomorrow, in some parts of the Netherlands,  it is going to be a mild 22 degrees Celsius!!
Pity I have to work tomorrow.

Yesterday, after a short cycle trip, I bought myself some Spring flowers and put them in a
vintage terrine on my coffee table.
Two varieties of daffodils and a hyacinth

I recently crocheted a garland which I put on my short curtains and I bought some candles in the same colours. I think it looks very nice.

I have been tidiyng my attic/craft room for short periods of time and threw away some thing I hadn't used for a number of years.

Here is a tiny part of the attic before and after

Looks nice, doesn't it?!! It is such a shame I have to go to work tomorrow, because I have been busy with all kinds of things today, and I'm on a roll;  Clearing out, washing, folding and ironing. Been outside plucking weeds from my garden. Too much for just today. Now I'm taking a break after photographing and editing the pictures of 25 little crochet birds, which I needed for an add in my webshop ( )
I'll start making dinner now, and do some crocheting tonight if I still feel up to it.

Here are some things I made over the last week...

A festive garland for the coronation of our King Willem- Alexander on April 30th


Some of the pairs of Baby Shoes...

And some pairs of hairclips

Well, as you can see, I really don't have time to go to my regular dayjob, LOL.


  1. do you have a patten for the hairclips....

  2. Hi,

    Just any pattern for a flower and stick on hairclip with gluegun.

  3. Hello. I am following your blog for quite a while. Therefore I have nominated you for The Dragon's Loyalty Award. See my latest post for the details if you want to accept the award. Thank you for inspiring and teaching me. Keep up the good work. Happy Blogging. With Love Ruta :)

  4. hola me encantaron los zapatitos muchas felicicdades hay alguna posibilidad de que me envies el patron para poder tejerle a mi bebe que viene en camino gracias te dejo mi mail si te animas gracias y felicicdades.

    1. Hello, unfortunately I do not speak Spanish. I understand the word Zapatitos (little baby shoes) and you want a pattern, I don't sell this pattern yet. Sorry.

      Best wishes,

  5. Do you have another pattern for the little birdies Garland? The link to Etsy shows that they are sold out ☹