Sunday 26 February 2012

Sigh..., and more Birdhouses

Again, finished work just now and uploaded a few pictures of new Birdhouses.

 Birdhouse Summerdays

Birdhouse Sunflower Special

Now I have 7 days off work, and I can concentrate on things I have to do around the house. A bit like Spring cleaning I guess.

I want to sort things out which I don't use anymore and throw them away. That's a BIG thing for me since I am a great horder. Hence my filled untill the attic (two story) house.
I can buy things (especially crafty things) when I don't need them but just to make sure I do have them by hand whenever I should need them.
I also have a great deal of stuff wich I took in my house when my mother passed away. At that time you can not decide to throw it away. But now I want more space, and items without sentimental value I am clearing out and bring it to a recycle shop.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Jamie and Keycords

 I 've just finished my shift and have, starting tomorrow, 3 days off work!!
So tomorrow, after doing the normal domestic things around the house(I really have to get some ironing done, I always enjoy doing that. NOT!! )
When all that is over and done with I can concentrate on my crochet.

I'm finishing another birdhouse and have ideas for a different model.
But I 'll keep that for myself for now.
Also today I bought 2 new books!  Jamie's 30 minute Dinners and Jamie's Britain.
I had a few vouchers given to me on my birthday, so I cashed them in. I looooove Jamie Oliver, he is so passionate about (good and healthy) food and cooking, you can not, not be inspired when you watch him.

I've listed a few handmade keycords in my webshop, here's a little preview...

Monday 20 February 2012

Adorable Cupcake Baby

Just received a wonderful picture from a very proud mother.
 I made her 7 month old babygirl a Cupcake hat.

Sunday 19 February 2012

Carnaval Weekend

This weekend is Carnaval Weekend in the Netherlands (it is a bit like Mardis Gras). People go out and drink and have fun. They are all dressed up in the most wonderful outfits. And there are Parades with music.

I've worked today (until 3 pm) and many people went by train to other cities to celebrate.
So, because I work there, I saw a lot of dressed up people. When I finished work I cycled home, just in between two intense hail showers. So I'm a happy girl, not have been hailed on.
With the sun in my eyes, I'm sitting in my attic room now and decided to upload a few pictures of new Birdhouses. Hope you like them.

  Birdhouse Fresh

Birdhouse Penny Lane

Thursday 16 February 2012

More new things

Just a little time for a splurge of creativity today .
I've made another birdhouse yesterday and took the pictures this morning.
                                                               Birdhouse Blue Delft

Along with a flowergarland which has all the colours of Spring in it.
I'm off on my bicycle to fetch some stamps to send a birdhouse to
Middlesex, UK. (Thanks Rachel)
And post one other to someone in the Netherlands.
I also made a casing for my handcreme tin, which does look a lot smarter in the interior.
Flower Garland

                                                   Casing for Handcreme tin

Later today something not so happy and colourful; I'm going to a funeral. The daughter of a colleague died a few days ago. She was only 38 and will be sadly missed. I light a candle for Ingrid, who leaves behind a husband an two young children.

Wednesday 15 February 2012


Birdhouse Sunny

This is a first attempt for a blog, so bare with me.
After searching for inspiration on the WWW I came up with these lovely (at least I think so) Birdhouses.
What do you think?They are wallhanger decorations and are lovely in any cosy house or in a baby/girlsroom. You can find them at

Birdhouse Cath

Birdhouse Trendy

I also made a potholder (inspired by Attic24) and a cushion cover.