Wednesday 19 December 2012

Only 7 days 'till XMAS

Finally sorted all the items from the Christmasmarket and packed it into a box until next year.

I have sold all the little Jars with my homemade Port-Balsamic Jelly (a condiment for cheese and paté) in a giftbag. The little boxes with candles were a succes too and the readymade Spice mix for Gingerbreadman went very good as well.

With a little tasting tester, people loved it!
Overall it was a succes!
I would like to wish everyone
 a very Merry, Blessed Christmas
 and a Healthy, Hopefull and Happy New Year!!
Best Wishes,

Friday 30 November 2012

Very short update...

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat...

I'm busy making all kinds of handmade things to sell at a (very small) local Christmas market on December 16th. It is held at a petting zoo.
I finished these little wooden boxes yesterday.
I covered them with, candy stripey, crochet and put a holly leaf (Thanks to a tutorial from Lucy of Attic 24) on the lid.
Then I put two little candles in the box and it will make a lovely little present.
 I couldnt resist to decorate the aluminium holders with a bit of tape!
Here's one in Cath Kidston colours.

I also filled some glass jars with an all ready to use Gingerbread spice mix.
 Here there are two of them. I've crocheted a top to fit over the cork stopper, and made a Fimo (polymere) gingerbread man to hang from a candy striped cord, together with a little bell.
I will sell them (I hope) together with a sheet with a Gingerbreadman recipe.

Thursday 15 November 2012

Wow, has it been away that long??!

Just saw the date above my last blog. It really has been too long.

Is everybody doing fine?? From today I have 9 glorious days of work (Dutch Railways)
so I can do whatever creative job I want to do.

The last two days at work were very busy and restless. A broken down switch on the tracks ment people had to take another route and when the switch was mended and everything  was going normal again (for 45 minutes), there was a collision with a person on the same stretch. A day later the same switch was broken down again so people were getting a bit annoyed by it. Very understandable.

And  someone decided to test if, when we are without power, the reserve power will come on. Only they forgot to tell everyone they were testing it and 7 of the eight sellingpoints were out of order. I was the only one who could sell traintickets. It only lasted for 10 minutes or so. Then it happened 15 minutes later again; then they turned the normal power on again.
But, hey, it is no New York where it took 14 day for the power to come back.

On the blog I can finally see the followers again!
I saw I have 99 followers. I am very honoured that all of you want to keep up to date with my blog.

I have started with some Chistmas crochet and crocheted a garland.
It is 185 cm long (which is nearly 73 inches) Every little heart has a little bell attached to it.
I'm still busy working on Christmas ornaments. I would have loved to show you some, but it is too dark to take pictures at this moment, and I don't want to flash. So they are coming soon!!
I have to make a start with my christmas cards too. I want to do something with crochet and I am still chewing it through what they should look like.
I'm also reinspired to make little outfits for BJD like Lati and PukiFee, so busy with that too. Here are some examples of dresses I made earlier this year.
For those who don't know these dolls; they are Ball Jointed Dolls and about 16 cm high
 (6 inch). So you can imagine how fidgety the crochet is.
Butterfly on my head
Ballet Girl
Warm Winter Pink
And for even smaller dolls (PukiPuki doll) only 11 cm (4 inch)
That's it for now, more coming soon.....



Friday 28 September 2012

Been very busy...

Autumn really has arrived and yesterday it came down over my home town in a abundance of rain!

That only makes it cosier to be at home and do homely things.

I have two days off work and used the first day to photograph my newest creations and put them up in my (2) webshops.
Many of the things are baby items, but I managed to make four Cellphone cases also. Here are a few examples.




In the last three weeks I attended at two fairs and put up a stall with all my items. Gosh, I have so much stock at the moment. The first stall was bigger than the second so I could put everything where it should. It was a lovely sunny day and I had a great spot at the beginning in a row of stalls.
September 8th was a BIG stall
September 22th not so big as you can see by the same flower garland decoration on the front. (altough it looks nicer on the small stall)
The setting was a bit dingy and dark. (The person in my stall is my sister Ellen)
A few pictures of what was on sale (in the stall on the 8th)
Sigh, I wish I could sell from a little shop in the corner of my home.
This is my (very creative, nearly 14 year old) niece Emma. (In my craft attic) She gave me a great pattern of a small crochet heart which she got from the internet. She typed it out for me and put a picture with it. She made a garland from the pattern and when she was at school (where the crochet was a project)  a teacher saw it and bought it from her for her daughters birthday. She made € 5.00 which went to a charity. I am so proud of her!!
Time flies...... I used to learn her crafty things when she was little.
Rubber stamping in my old house in 2005
Same year in July in my garden, painting Barbapapa
(In a dress I wore when I was her age)
I made a lovely garland as well from the pattern. It is made in lovely Autumn colours and I put it on my wall. The picture isn't what it should be, because it was quite dark outside so I had to flash.
I have lots of ideas to do things with the hearts. Keeping you posted....



Monday 10 September 2012

Crocheting like mad...

So, I'm back and into crochet again.

There was market in my neighbourhood on september 8th and I  rented a barrow.
I had a great idea to redesign my little purses and working on them in the evenings since I had to work in the real world untill tuesday the 4th. So I' ve been crocheting like mad to stock up my little store.

I put everything together and took as little as possible to the grounds where the market was beeing held. I don't have a car and everything has to fit in my little wagon behind my bicycle and in big shoppingbags at my steeringwheel. My sister has a scooter and took also some things with her.
(I only attend markets (fairs) who are in 1 km range from my house)

Me in my little "Store"

Later that daymy nieces visited and helped me. We were just selling something
 (two little purses) when the picture was taken

I sold very satisfactory.

One of the new items I have made are little owl purses. They were very popular!

The Olympics are still in the back of my mind. And I found a great newspaperpiece about  Rachel Cawthorn;

"Crochet really floats my boat"

TWO Team GB women in today’s kayak finals have told how they escape the pressures of the Olympics with handicrafts and music by Erykah Badu.
Rachel Cawthorn, 23, is a fan of amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting stuffed toys or small animals and her medal collection hangs around the neck of a teddy bear. She said: “I’m into any crafty things, machine embroidery is my latest thing. My dining room has turned into a craft room. It’s something totally different from canoeing to do that I really enjoy.”

I already read this when I was in London, but forgot to save the newspaper. Found it on the Internet due to the fact that I remembered the title.