Friday 28 September 2012

Been very busy...

Autumn really has arrived and yesterday it came down over my home town in a abundance of rain!

That only makes it cosier to be at home and do homely things.

I have two days off work and used the first day to photograph my newest creations and put them up in my (2) webshops.
Many of the things are baby items, but I managed to make four Cellphone cases also. Here are a few examples.




In the last three weeks I attended at two fairs and put up a stall with all my items. Gosh, I have so much stock at the moment. The first stall was bigger than the second so I could put everything where it should. It was a lovely sunny day and I had a great spot at the beginning in a row of stalls.
September 8th was a BIG stall
September 22th not so big as you can see by the same flower garland decoration on the front. (altough it looks nicer on the small stall)
The setting was a bit dingy and dark. (The person in my stall is my sister Ellen)
A few pictures of what was on sale (in the stall on the 8th)
Sigh, I wish I could sell from a little shop in the corner of my home.
This is my (very creative, nearly 14 year old) niece Emma. (In my craft attic) She gave me a great pattern of a small crochet heart which she got from the internet. She typed it out for me and put a picture with it. She made a garland from the pattern and when she was at school (where the crochet was a project)  a teacher saw it and bought it from her for her daughters birthday. She made € 5.00 which went to a charity. I am so proud of her!!
Time flies...... I used to learn her crafty things when she was little.
Rubber stamping in my old house in 2005
Same year in July in my garden, painting Barbapapa
(In a dress I wore when I was her age)
I made a lovely garland as well from the pattern. It is made in lovely Autumn colours and I put it on my wall. The picture isn't what it should be, because it was quite dark outside so I had to flash.
I have lots of ideas to do things with the hearts. Keeping you posted....




  1. Your stall looked wonderful! Well done.

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  3. I love your phone cover, I have just got one of those phones so I shall be making one very soon!

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