Monday 10 September 2012

Crocheting like mad...

So, I'm back and into crochet again.

There was market in my neighbourhood on september 8th and I  rented a barrow.
I had a great idea to redesign my little purses and working on them in the evenings since I had to work in the real world untill tuesday the 4th. So I' ve been crocheting like mad to stock up my little store.

I put everything together and took as little as possible to the grounds where the market was beeing held. I don't have a car and everything has to fit in my little wagon behind my bicycle and in big shoppingbags at my steeringwheel. My sister has a scooter and took also some things with her.
(I only attend markets (fairs) who are in 1 km range from my house)

Me in my little "Store"

Later that daymy nieces visited and helped me. We were just selling something
 (two little purses) when the picture was taken

I sold very satisfactory.

One of the new items I have made are little owl purses. They were very popular!

The Olympics are still in the back of my mind. And I found a great newspaperpiece about  Rachel Cawthorn;

"Crochet really floats my boat"

TWO Team GB women in today’s kayak finals have told how they escape the pressures of the Olympics with handicrafts and music by Erykah Badu.
Rachel Cawthorn, 23, is a fan of amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting stuffed toys or small animals and her medal collection hangs around the neck of a teddy bear. She said: “I’m into any crafty things, machine embroidery is my latest thing. My dining room has turned into a craft room. It’s something totally different from canoeing to do that I really enjoy.”

I already read this when I was in London, but forgot to save the newspaper. Found it on the Internet due to the fact that I remembered the title.


  1. Hi! I live in Rhode Island in the US. I absolutely adore your crochet style. So neat and fun with lots of color! I'd love to get as good a you. Amazing! I originally saw a picture of your little owl from your Flicker stream on Pinterest. Then I googled u and found your blog. Do you ever offer patterns? Or sell? I love all your owls! Super cute! I'm also huge into Peacocks. Maybe create an Crochet mini Peacock? :) I'd love to learn from you. Thanks so much and feel free to check out my little blog at It's a work in progress and with a 2 year old I rarely get to it as often as I'd like to but I have high hopes for the future! Again, ur crochet is beautiful! Cheers!

  2. Hi Kory,

    Thanks so much for your kind words! I took a peek at your blog, you have the cutest little girl!! A nice coincidence is that my surname is Pouw, which means peacock. In Dutch only spelled pauw, but sounds the same)
    About the patters; I have three patterns in my Etsy shop! Check them out at;

    Thanks again and have a great day,

  3. Good morning I live in the US and was wondering if you were ever going to sell the pattern for the Purple & green flower hat & scarf? I would love to make it for a gift.