Monday 6 August 2012

I'm in London

Finally here's my story;

July 25 We came with the Eurostar..But everything is fantastic down here! To be given the chance to work here is amazing!

July 26th until july 29th
I had the first four days off and re explored London since I have been here many times before. I went for a walk with a few colleagues and started at Tower Hill. Here we met a couple of Japanese people from a Japanese Network and they asked if we (I took the pictures) would feature in a commercial piece of film. He would say something (what we will never know) and then my group would shout out a yell.
it was very funny.

Everything is Magenta

Later on we took a boat a took a little trip along the Thames.

Off the boat we walked to the Eye and on to Trafalquar Square. Here the group split up and three of us went to Alexandra Palace where the Holland (Heineken) House is. We picked up our Crew cards which gives us unlimited acces to the venue. We ate something at the Orange Brasserie and later we were in an audience of a commercial Dutch Network.

A, still very empty, Medal Ceremony Hall

The next few days I explored, strolled the streets and was amazed by all the nationalities on the streets and in the hotel (St. Giles, Bedford Avenue)

MMM, showing our desserts

Then finally it was time for me to do some work.

July 30
I worked at an information desk at the Holland Heineken House. People come in and ask directions and last connections to their accomodation. I had dinner in the giant crew restaurant.

My HHH Crew ID Card

This is how some Dutch fans come through the entrance, they come to see games at a big screen, walk around, buy orange souvenirs and have a drink.

July 31
Today I worked on the shuttlebus for a bit and stood outside Tube station Wood Green, to direct visitors of the Holland Heineken House to the special Shuttlebus.
A nice variation to my normal work. When we have won a medal, a  greetingcard goes round the bus and fans can write their congratiulations in it.

Me in front of the Shuttle Bus

The Giant Gongratiulations card voor Marianne Vos who won Gold in road cycling

Signature of Epke Zonderland, who won Gold himself at the men's horizontal bar

August 1 untill August 4
Four days at Southend Airport Station
Very quiet with only one flight coming in during or shift. Dutch people come walking in  into the walkway towards the station and are very surprised that they are beeing greeted in their own language. We tell them where and when the train into London will leave and answer other questions.  We hand out a (especially printed in Dutch) Tube map with all the  venues and tips and tricks on it. Of course we also do help English people,but they generally know their way.

First station we passed was Stratford where the Olympic park is situated

A surprise was to see how Joe Carpenter, a colleague from Stobart rail, who, to my surprise, used Herbalfe products.
I have used these for a long time too and he was happy to pose for a picture, wich I took to show my youngest sister who is a Herbalife distributor.

Since there was not very much else to dome and my colleague of the day, Tim van Leeuwen,  went with our English colleague from Stobart Rail to see a bit of the seaside.
Joe Carpenter took us in his car (a convertable, sunny weather, top down) to Southend Victoria, which is near the seaside. We walked around a it and had a coffee. We took a few freshly baked donuts with us for the rest of the crew.

August 5 untill the 7th. Three wonderful days off.
The first day I went with four colleagues to the Olympic Park to watch some Hockey. It was amazing to see all the volunteers helping, directing and informing thousands of visitors. From station to venue.

Waiting in line and photographing Daphne Jimmink.
In the glasses you can see my other colleagues and me, taking the picture

We met some, well dressed Britains...

First game was Korea-India and Korea won. The next game was the Netherlands-Germany and we won with 3-1. It was quite an experience to be in the park and in a stadium. Strange was the blue "grass". The "Smurf Turf", as they called it.
My ticket

Playing the national Anthems

Talking through some passes and clever moves...

The Fans

Dutch man go crazy...(colleague Jan)

We won another prelimonery round

Thanking the fans

Day two I went shopping with two colleagues at the first day and later on I went for a walk by myself.

Day three a colleague and I went to Hyde Park Corner to go to Harrods. It was extremely busy because the cycling of the Thriathlon came by. So we waited and watched it for a bit. Boy, do they go fast!

August 8
I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and to the National History Museum.

When I came back I had a quick lunch at my hotelroom and took a little siƫsta. Then I changed into my uniform and colleague fred and I took off to Harwich. After our shift we were beeing picked up by a taxi to take us to the Premier Inn Hotel where we would spend the night. I was surprised to learn that the hotel has a policy that doesn't allow a female guest to have a room at ground level. I didn't ask, but had never heard this.

Hotel Premier Inn in Harwich

We had a nice dinner and then we went to our rooms, since we had to be ready again at  5.15 am, to be taken to the station again. We greeted and advised the Dutch and then went back to our hotel in London. I had breakfast an decided, not to take a few hours of sleep,but instead I changed into my own clothes (since I was wearing my Dutch Railway Uniform) and went to Camden Lock Market, where I browsed along the lovely stalls and took some pictures of the pittoresque area.

Some very original seats to have your meal

I bought some keyrings and a new wallet. It was nice and not busy at all. I bought some lunch and as it was getting busier I took the Tube back to the hotel, had my lunch and crashed into a long siesta.

August 9, 10 and 11
I worked at Southend Airport again.

We started our journey at London Liverpool Street Station.

Henk Cornel and me (in the tabbards) between the Essex "Ambassadors"

My sister decided she couldnt stand it any more...She heard all my stories and wanted to have a taste of London as well. So she arrived in the afternoon and after work I met up with her. We strolled to Leicester Square where we had a love dinner and walked back along Oxford Street to our Hotels.

The next day we met up again and took some lovely pictures near Tower Hill and the Thames.

My sister Ellen


Later on we had an AMAZING dinner at a restaurant of Jamie Oliver called Jamie's Italian. They had the best, wonderful tasting food I have ever eaten. But stil simple (as in simple ingredients) but GREAT!!

Sis and her dessert (unfortunately is was not as big as the picture does let you believe)
But when she ate she said she heard violins and saw little cherubs fly round.....

August 12
My very last work day. I worked with Belinda and Hans on the special dutch campsite (Oranje Camping) Here people could hire special bikes which we have for hire at many railwaystations in Holland. We took many in, since it was the last day and had a lot of fun making some last pictures.

I took a picture in the bus to the campsite when we were on the security camera

Later that day I went with all my colleagues to the Holland Heineken House, where we had a last meal together and shot some last pictures.

The men

The women

I then met up with Ellen again and we watched, with a few hundred (Dutch and British) people the closing ceremony.

When I got to the hotel I still had to pack for we were to leave the next morning.

August 13th
Leaving...sad, but with a bag full of warm memories!
They had arranged a bus for us so we didn't had to go by tube with our very heavy suitcases.



  1. Dont keep us waiting to long Adrianne we are dying to know how you went on.
    Lynn x x x

  2. I envy you! London is definitly my most favourite town!!

  3. Hi Adrianne, we did have a good time...didn't to go back this year( or the bext) to do all the things we still want to see and do!!


  4. Thank you Adrianne for your diary of your time at the London Olympics. It was great to see all the pictures and to hear about what you did. You brought it all to life. I am so glad you had such a happy time, even though you were working.
    Kind regards
    Lynn x x x

  5. This was really interesting to read, I saw it when you published the post. Glad you had a good time in amongst all the hard work.

  6. Sounds like you had a blast! Despite your busy schedule, I think you managed to have some fun in London But if I were in your place, I would do exactly what you did. Have fun and enjoy what London has to offer! [Beulah Sullivan]