Wednesday 11 July 2012

Olympic update...

First I want to inform all the loyal followers that, although you cannot see the Followers window, I have a list of all of you.

Finally we have some more information;

We received a schedule for our work when we are in London.
Mine is;
1 day travel and 3 days off work (great start) (25th untill the 29th of July)

Then, two days on the Hollland Heineken House Shuttle Bus. From Wood Green Tube Station to Alexandra Palace (where the Holland Heineken House is situated during the Games) and Vice Versa. (30th and 31th of July)

Shuttle Bus

Going on into four days on Southend Airport Station. (1th untill 4th augustus)

Southend Airport Station

Then I have 3 days off!! (5th until the 7th of August)

London is the place for me!!

After this Ill be working on the train on the 8th of August to Harwich International Airport, and the next day (the 9th) back.

Harwich International Station

I'll be back working on Southend Airport  the 10th and the 11th of August. The last day will be at Stansted Airport Station (the 12th)

The 13th we are travelling back to the Netherlands....but before that happens you'll be getting a lot more updates....

Alexandra Palace

Holland Heineken House


  1. Sounds like they're going to be keeping you very busy!

  2. Have a fantastic time Adrianne. Hope you find time for some sightseeing.
    Lynn x x x

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks so much. I have the first four days free time, so time enough to do so. So nice of you to think of me and wish me well.