Monday 25 June 2012

Sun, Rain, Storm and more Nature

So,  one week of my holiday already is over. I have been away for a few days to friends in the country in the east of the Netherlands called Beuningen/Denekamp Overijssel.
My mother stayed there in the last winter of WW2 (when there was not enough food in the cities) and we've stayed in touch ever since. The existing farm has been replaced by a lovely bit house which also serves as a B&B. (

B&B Bloemen

Front of the house

The last years (since my father passed away) my mum and I always went there once a year for about a week.
Since she has passed away in 2006 I go by myself, but only for a few days.
My friends and I took a short cycletrip (you can cycle there in abundance) Oh, the rural enviroment there is sooooo lovely.
On our way we passed a couple of people with camera's taking pictures of plants near a small canal.
Curiously we asked wat was so special and it was a sort of orchid (Spotted Orchus)

I had never heard of it, but it was very beautiful.

Since we were thirsty we stopped at a lovely  Icecream shop, called the Ijskuip (the Icebarrel) Owned by Erik en Hermien Kuiper .
IJssalon de IJskuip
Schotbroekweg 2
7591ND Denekamp
the Netherlands

They make Italian icecream made from the milk from their own cows. The restaurant was build on to an existing farm. This happens to be the farm where a famous Dutch cycle racer was born. His name is Hennie Kuiper. I had a lovely icecream; Lemon pie and Boer'n Jongens (wich means as much as Famersboys, and tastes of Rum and Raisins) The (Fairtrade) coffee was served with a miniature icecream, so very clever!

After a few Sunny days I went back home where the weather changed and it rained for two days. Which came with gaelforce gusts of wind and beautiful, fast rolling stormclouds.

Just as well the weather was not that good. There was no time to sit in the sun; I had to clear up the guest bedroom because my sister is moving in. It was a lot of work but all done now. Last Sunday we put the last thing in boxes and everything went into storage waiting for her new house to be ready. So untill then she lives with me.

In my sisters house; the last odd and ends

This was my week. Busy, but I still had some time to make a few flowergarlands, which I have put on my curtains. (the sign is my Dutch Webshop Adress)

Flower and bunting

Monday 18 June 2012

Dolly good fun!!

Finally it has arrived, a very realistic, reborn doll.
I am going to use her as a model for all my baby creations. The size is newborn so very small clothes will fit her.
I already took some pictures with a few of my designs, enjoy (I hope)
The first three pictures are made by the wonderful artist Maria Grover from BitsyBundles who manages to make vinyl look like a real (and I mean REAL) baby skin!

(of course all (and more) for sale at )

Saturday 16 June 2012

Update Olympics, working in London.

Finally we had the meeting on the 14th of June concearning information and instructions for our work in London during the Olympics.

We were given a folder with all kinds of information and were instructed by three employees from GreaterAnglia, led by Victor Fromm. (Unfortunately I forgot the names of both ladies, I do apologize, if you should read this and know who they are, by accident,  please let me know)
Victor Fromm from Greater Anglia Acadamy
(Picture taken when he ran 10k during a charity event WorldHorseWelfare, raising money)

We were told on wich stations we will be working  (Southend Airport, Harwich International, Stansted Airport) where they are situated and how they look like, and we were taken through safety procedures and other practical issues.

It was quite intense because our native tongue isn't English and Victor can talk pretty quick.
For me it was not that hard; I'm used to James Martin from Saturday Kitchen Live and he talks five quarters in an hour, as we say overhere, with a slight Yorkshire accent.
So we had to be very alert. We were given a book, En Route, wich is like the Holy Bible during the Olympics. It has the information about everything you want to know during the Olympics. How to travel, where sporters compete, maps and a lot more.



They gave us a pin (brooch) so everybody can see we belong to the One Team Transport. We are supposed to wear a  Magenta tabbard, but this was not available yet.

We also were given a cord for our ID Card.
(Which we don't have yet)

After the presentation from the Brits it was time for practical information during our stay. Where do we sleep, do we get accescards for transport, what about our laundry (for our uniforms)

Well, we (all 50 of us) are divided between two hotels; Hotel st. Giles, Bedford Avenue and Premier Inn, Kings Cross.
I do not know wich of the two I am staying, but both are nicely situated in the centre of London.
Because the rooms aren't too big for two persons to stay in, we all inhabit the room alone. We were all very happy to hear this, since we are away from home for nearly three weeks. It is nice to have some alone time once and a while.
Premier Inn

St. Giles
When do we leave? We leave on the 25th of July and have some more instructions at a Railway Learning Centre.
We will be returning homewards (we do not want to think about this yet, but there you are) on the 13th of August. and will be travelling from London untill Brussels with the same train as the Dutch Olympic Team!

What are we going to do overseas?

-Renting out OV  bicycles(short for Openbaar, (Public) vervoer (Transport)Special bicycles you normally rent at stations in the Netherlands. Lovation; Orange Campsite.
-We will be giving all kinds of information in our national supporters home the Holland Heineken House (HHH
-We assist our GreaterAnglia/Abellio colleagues on the stations I referred to earlier.
-We accompany Orange Fans in (espacially festive) doubledecker buses from station to HHH.
-We give assistance to our colleagues in trains.

After an intensive, fun, informative, positive (yes, yes, thank you) day, it was ended with a bit of a bite to eat and drink, followed by a  buffet of desserts (no punishement there)