Sunday 17 February 2013

A new week waiting to begin...

Well, the weekend is over and I worked both days.I am not complaining because last week I had some days off and I spend it, cleaning, clearing up, updating my webshop and crocheting.
I started on Fuzzy Bunny hats for Blythe Dolls again. Easter is coming up and they fly out of the door.
 Sold two already.
Made this one yesterday
I've created a lovely Easter Garland

So you see, Ive been quite the little worker. 
I also listed Friendship bracelets in my Etsy Shop. (Bracelets by Wendy)( 
She hopes to put some money to her study piggybank with the sales.
Here are some examples...
And these are the ones on sale...
These have 5 vibrant colours and measure 23 cm in length and 12 mm in width
Aren't they wonderful? In the shop you can view them a bit bigger. They are all made perfectly neatly in a smoke free enviroment and made with 100 % mercerised cotton yarn.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Wonderful dresses...

It's freezing outside but it's warm inside. I have finally  photographed the finished dresses for BJD's.
Boy, what a labour intesive work this is. First taking pictures, uploading, resizing. Then I have to list them in my Etsy Shop. Put a discription with it (in Dutch and English).
It takes hours and the day is gone before you know it.

I also made a long Garland with Rainbow coloured Hearts
And I cut a piece of oilcloth fabric (Cath Kidston, Circle Ditsy) to size, for my little cupboard next to my kitchen.
The little blue tin was my mothers and is probably as old as I am. We kept little sweets in it.
Last saturday I helped my sister (who has moved to a new house in Zwolle) to put a nice cabinet together.
I put the back and the doors in the lower part and put the whole upper part together. I have a blister from the scewdriver in the palm of my hand to prove it,  but the result is wonderful.
The day before we ate at a sushi restaurant (MINOYU in Zwolle) and I enjoyed it immensely
It was made very fresh and you sure could taste that.
Later that evening we went to a theatre performance of the Carpenstars.
It was a show, set in a kind of Meet and Greet with Karen Carpenter. There were two women who played Karen, one played Karen who told her life story. And one sang Carpenter songs. Very nicely done!

Friday 1 February 2013

New Year, New designs

With Christmas, NewYear and my Birthday over it is time for some new things.
The next festivity is Easter and also Spring is coming. So I'm inspired making things for this.
After a  period of cold, frost and snow, the temperature went up and now it is windy and rainy. I'm not bothered. I love nothing more than to sit and crochet while the weather outside is faul.

Here are some pictures from last sunday, when the last snow fell before the thaw set in.
They are taken from my attic window.
More News!! My sister has moved out. She lived with me for about 7 months after her house had sold (yeah, fantastic in the credit crunch!!) And her new house not ready yet.
But in december she received the key and two weeks later she moved in!
First time opening the front door!
Inspecting the kitchen with other sister.
So now I'm Queen of the house again and loving it!

About crocheting;
I have been muddling making a crochet birdy, which is different than all the others I see online. I succeeded in that (well I think so)
I'm totally hooked on crocheting birdies now and I already made two garlands. They are available in my Etsy Shop (

Isn't it a cutie!!
I also started making hats for LittleFee Dolls again and finished two of them.
Also clothes for PukiFee are in the making, I sometimes wished I had more sets of hands!