Friday 30 March 2012

I love my colleagues!!

I made a folder where all my colleagues could motivate their support; why they wanted me, especially go to this event.

I took this with me on the big day.
When we finished all our assignements, at the end of the day, everyone received a participant souvenir in a frame, and a cap.
The ones who were elected also received an "Olympic Medal".

When I returned to work (on wednesday) my colleagues decorated my workspace (for that day) So nice. They all were delighted I made it through the selection day. They all were very sympathetic for me to be selected, so I enjoyed it very much to give them the good tidings!

(transl. Hurray, Gongratulations Adrianne)

(transl. And who is going to England?)

To thank them for their support I had baked mini cupcakes which I topped with a mini Olympic flag. I wrote a small thank you note on it. They went down like a charm!

I am still waiting for more information about how things are going to be during the Games. What we have to do and where. I expected a letter on my doormat when I got home from work today, but there wasn't. So I have to be patient for a few more days.

Monday 26 March 2012

Olympic Service Hero

You might think; Now what?

 I'll explaine; I work at the Dutch Railways (in Dutch; Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS for short) who is one of the sponsor partners of the Dutch Olympic Sport men and women. We could win the honour to go to London during the Games, to work in several places, to help people find their way, and give all sorts of information. Today was the final election and selection day and, out of 120 colleagues from the whole country, 55 were selected to go. AND I AM ONE OF THEM!! They called us the Olympic Service Heroes.

How lucky am I???!!!!

When I came home I celebrated with my family, of course with a bottle of bubbly.
(the picture was taken in my sisters garden)


Me, testing the medal (on the left one of my sisters)

I am exhausted from a very busy day so I leave it at this, later this week I will elaborate more on the subject.

Friday 16 March 2012


Need I say more... I've been to IKEA  this afternoon.Didn't really needed anything but I'm inspired by all the new items and colours. And boy, did they have many new things.
Lovely plates with flowers ( "quick, walk passed it, you've got enough plates")
Silk flowers ("no, don't take them with you, you decided; only real flowers from now on")
Glass Perfume bottles, set of three ("enough knick knacks on your dressing table")
The Pink lines are my (sensible) inner voice!

But I still managed to act if I didn't hear anything when I bought a little green glass (read vase) soft pink candles, and a picture with coastal pictures.

Also I took some pictures for a Stool Slipover I made for Stool Oddvar (from IKEA Obviously) since I made one to sell (a while ago), but do not own such a stool. The salesman on the departement thought it was very nice.

And last but not least; I also made some new Key Covers

Have a great weekend!

Saturday 10 March 2012

New item!

Has it been a week already since my last post? How time flies! Last weekend my sister and I spend two days in Katwijk, a village at the seaside. An aunt of us turned 80 and we were there to celebrate and get a bit of  R and R. We took a walk along the beach (the weather wasn't spectacular, but dry)
We've been coming here since we were little but guess what we never saw and now did??? A seal!
I saw something in the water, way out in the distance. So I took my camera and zoomed in on it and this was the result;
It is a bit hazy, but you can still recognize it. So lovely.

Later on we strolled through the dunes, where I took the next picture because I liked the contrast of the beige sand and the dark helm grass.

The rest of the week I have been working and crocheting in the evenings.
 (Except for Thursday and Friday when I felt poorly and couldn't go off to work, feeling a lot better now!)
I designed a keycover and just love how they turned out. I have been brewing about them for a few hours and making them up as I went along. They are quite labour intensive since front and back are the same (I can never settle for an easier option)

When you pull at the leaves, the keys will disappear in the cover

Thursday 1 March 2012

New things

So today I went to shop for some new clothes. I loath this (unlike may other women) But I really had to get me something new. I bought a jacket, a thin, flowered cardigan and a basic T-shirt, and left it at that. Nothing else passed my critics. Too long, too bright, print too big, I don't like the neckline, I look like a sausage....on and on.
When I finished I went to my favourite craft shop and looked at everything and enjoyed it immensely.
And, of course, bought something. I don't have any problems shopping in this categorie.
I bought four pieces of fabric. I'm planning to make cushion covers out of them. I am revamping a couch I bought when I left my parents house and  went to live by myself.

Lovely 70 x 50 cm pieces of fabric

Couch Cushion mock up.

Like this, or....

like this?

Also a generous piece of wonderful ribbon just jumped into my basket.

I am very into these colours at the moment, when I start a crochet project these are the first colours of yarn I take in my hands. Well, that's it for now, am I forgetting something?
Yes I am. New crocheted items! Here they are;

Spring Bunting Garland

Extremely long Flower Garland

Lovely Purses