Friday 25 May 2012

Warm weather, cool attic

Before I make some coffee and go and sit in the sun, I've taken a little time to update my blog. I'm in my attic room (where my work room is).
Normally it is a very hot place when it is very sunny but i've got a little airco and this helps to keep me cool!
The weather is warm and sunny, and I have three more days off from work. Bliss!!
I have been working on some bags from a wonderful pattern from Vendulka Maderska from the Czech Republic.  ( )
It is the first pattern I haven't designed myself but I love it!!

Here's a little collage

More later....

Friday 11 May 2012

By populair demand; Pattern of my Birdhouse!!

Guess what! I have  finished the pattern of a birdhouse. It needs some more pictures but is already available in my webshop!! When you order I will strive to email you the pattern in a PDF file within 24-48 hours!
Thought you'd all like to know this!
I started at 2 p.m. and it is now 11 pm! Phew! Time flies!

I have to go to bed, because I have to go to work tomorrow. But I'll finish the last details when I come home.

Have a great weekend everybody!!


Thursday 3 May 2012

It's been a while...

But now I'm posting a little something.

I have had some news about the Olympics; I'll be in London from Juli 25th untill
August 13th.
But still know nothing about where we are staying or what we will be doing exactly.
And we are all anxious to know some more!!

I have been working on a pattern  in (English) for my pincushions. And it is finished!
And available in my shop. I also have been busy making little DIY items for when I go to a craft market. They are little bags with a pattern of a pincushion, a little ball of fiberfill and paper bobbins with the neccesary yarn in it. They are not quite finished so I don't have pictures yet, but only some loose photos.

This will be on the front of the (white paper) bag. It says PieterPeuter (which is my Dutch webshop) crochet pattern Pincushion Cathy.

The other one is called Minnie
This is what inside the bag

And the patterns of course.

Tomorrow morning my two nieces will join me at home and we will be doing some crocheting together. They love being creative too. For luch I have promised to make "poffertjes", wich look a lot like blini's and taste like pancakes. They are baked in a special pan, or a sort of waffle iron (like I have) You put butter and powdered sugar on it and then,mmmmmyammmm!!
The Dutch readers know what I'm talking about, but all the other nationalities don't.

So here's a picture to help you understand how they look in the pan...

And on a plate....

Well, that's it for now, nothing more to share, untill later,