Thursday 1 March 2012

New things

So today I went to shop for some new clothes. I loath this (unlike may other women) But I really had to get me something new. I bought a jacket, a thin, flowered cardigan and a basic T-shirt, and left it at that. Nothing else passed my critics. Too long, too bright, print too big, I don't like the neckline, I look like a sausage....on and on.
When I finished I went to my favourite craft shop and looked at everything and enjoyed it immensely.
And, of course, bought something. I don't have any problems shopping in this categorie.
I bought four pieces of fabric. I'm planning to make cushion covers out of them. I am revamping a couch I bought when I left my parents house and  went to live by myself.

Lovely 70 x 50 cm pieces of fabric

Couch Cushion mock up.

Like this, or....

like this?

Also a generous piece of wonderful ribbon just jumped into my basket.

I am very into these colours at the moment, when I start a crochet project these are the first colours of yarn I take in my hands. Well, that's it for now, am I forgetting something?
Yes I am. New crocheted items! Here they are;

Spring Bunting Garland

Extremely long Flower Garland

Lovely Purses


  1. Wat een mooie stofjes heb je gekocht! Ik kan mij voorstellen dat je daar blij van wordt. Je haakwerken vind ik ook prachtig. Vooral de slinger en de tasjes.

    Een fijne avond!


  2. I have the same problem with clothes shopping! but fabric or yarn shopping, now that's a different thing altogether! Love your beautiful fabric and ALL the gorgeous things you've made.

  3. Hallo Adrianne,

    Wat maak je leuke dingen. Ik ben gelijk volger van je geworden. Alles wat je op je blog hebt staan vind ik leuk, maar ik ben helemaal verliefd op het vogelhuisje. Ik heb daar dan ook een vraagje over. Verkoop je daar ook patroontjes van?


  4. You have a lovely blog and the things you make are stunning.
    I am putting a link to your shop and blog on my blog.
    Kind regards

    1. Hello Lynn,

      Thank you so much for doing that, you're so kind. I've added your blog too.
      I like the items you make and love your craftplace.
      So fresh and clean. Good to clear your head and create things!

      Keep up the good work,

  5. Hello Adrianne, I have added the link now, sorry I lost the posting earlier. I hope you like it and thank you so much for adding me to your favourites and for your very kind comments. I'm emailing all my friends now to make sure they see your lovely work.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Lynn xx

  6. These are gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the pattern for the long flower garland?

    1. was just about to ask the same thing. Where did you get the pattern?