Friday 16 March 2012


Need I say more... I've been to IKEA  this afternoon.Didn't really needed anything but I'm inspired by all the new items and colours. And boy, did they have many new things.
Lovely plates with flowers ( "quick, walk passed it, you've got enough plates")
Silk flowers ("no, don't take them with you, you decided; only real flowers from now on")
Glass Perfume bottles, set of three ("enough knick knacks on your dressing table")
The Pink lines are my (sensible) inner voice!

But I still managed to act if I didn't hear anything when I bought a little green glass (read vase) soft pink candles, and a picture with coastal pictures.

Also I took some pictures for a Stool Slipover I made for Stool Oddvar (from IKEA Obviously) since I made one to sell (a while ago), but do not own such a stool. The salesman on the departement thought it was very nice.

And last but not least; I also made some new Key Covers

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your key covers are so beautiful and make lovely presents. Funny you should name one Elena as that is my sister in laws name and one of the two I bought is for her.
    Lynn x

  2. IKEA Lucky you! So many beautiful things ...

    Your new key covers are beautiful!

  3. Well done for showing such restraint! Lovely haul though, I have that glass and the purple one! Your stool is beautiful too, very happy!