Sunday 17 February 2013

A new week waiting to begin...

Well, the weekend is over and I worked both days.I am not complaining because last week I had some days off and I spend it, cleaning, clearing up, updating my webshop and crocheting.
I started on Fuzzy Bunny hats for Blythe Dolls again. Easter is coming up and they fly out of the door.
 Sold two already.
Made this one yesterday
I've created a lovely Easter Garland

So you see, Ive been quite the little worker. 
I also listed Friendship bracelets in my Etsy Shop. (Bracelets by Wendy)( 
She hopes to put some money to her study piggybank with the sales.
Here are some examples...
And these are the ones on sale...
These have 5 vibrant colours and measure 23 cm in length and 12 mm in width
Aren't they wonderful? In the shop you can view them a bit bigger. They are all made perfectly neatly in a smoke free enviroment and made with 100 % mercerised cotton yarn.


  1. LOVE the Easter garland!!! Will you be writing/selling the pattern? I would love to make something similar for my little girl's room for Easter!

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  3. Ich habe auch Freundschaftsbänder geknüpft:
    Eine tolle Idee!!