Friday 22 March 2013

Waiting for Spring to arrive...

Here in the Netherlands everybody is complaining about the weather. When is Spring coming?
During the day it is about 4 or 5 degrees Celsius and at night it still freezes a couple of degrees. There is a firm wind blowing, which makes the whole outdoor experience feeling much colder than it really is in degrees.

After a heavy cold, blubbering and coughing away for about a week and a half,I feel better and I am starting to be creative again. I have made a new pattern for some boy baby booties. Since aIways make things for girls this was long overdue. They should resemble a sort of "All Star" basketball sneakers.

Here they are...
These were made for a little boy named Benjamin (hence the "B')
And, since the weather is so bleak, I have made several Garlands with colourful birdies.
(For sale at and for the Netherlands at
I also am clearing out old things. I had a little suitcase, from when I was a child, filled with old and battered fashion dolls (Barbie size) I kept them out of sentiment together with clothes I made for them. Crocheted of course and not really very nice. I made them when I was a child so the quality was not great. But children might like them.
I put it all in a plastic bag, together with some other things I didn't use anymore, and gave it to a scouting group in my neighbourhood. They organize a sort of fleemarket every year.
I kept the suitcase. It is a foldable one and there is even a lable on it on which my father wrote our adress at that time. I couldn't make myself throwing that away as well. Even though I'm not using it anymore.
This is how it folds
And here are the little suitcases when we (my sisters and me, me on the left) used them for the first time.
I gues it must have been in the summer of 1971.
Happy times!



  1. Hoi Adrianne,

    Jeetje...ja inderdaad...dat koffertje en vakantie in Nijverdal...ik weet het nog precies!! X

  2. What a lovely fun photo of you and your siblings Adrianne and the crotchet boots are gorgeous.
    Lynn xx