Wednesday 22 February 2012

Jamie and Keycords

 I 've just finished my shift and have, starting tomorrow, 3 days off work!!
So tomorrow, after doing the normal domestic things around the house(I really have to get some ironing done, I always enjoy doing that. NOT!! )
When all that is over and done with I can concentrate on my crochet.

I'm finishing another birdhouse and have ideas for a different model.
But I 'll keep that for myself for now.
Also today I bought 2 new books!  Jamie's 30 minute Dinners and Jamie's Britain.
I had a few vouchers given to me on my birthday, so I cashed them in. I looooove Jamie Oliver, he is so passionate about (good and healthy) food and cooking, you can not, not be inspired when you watch him.

I've listed a few handmade keycords in my webshop, here's a little preview...


  1. We love Jamie in our house too. A proper cook full of great ideas that are not too difficult to do. Love your little keycords so cheerful! Enjoy your three days off ♥

  2. I love Jamie!!! And your keychains as well! Lovely