Monday 30 December 2013

New Year resolutions

My Resolution for next year is to try and update my blog more frequently.
But for now, just some pictures of the bygone year, and to all my followers;

A very Healthy, Happy New Year!!!

My Christmas Tree

Nativity Scene
My Window sill in Christmas mode
Part of my living room
New Pincushions for the webshop ( Soon to be listed!
Little Christmas Stockings for a Christmas fair
I've been to a Ice Sculpture Festival in Zwolle
It's theme was 200 years of royal family.
Item for Christmas Fair
I helped my neice to make a surprise gift for her mother
Making Port-Balsamic Jelly (yummie with cheese and game dishes)
All for Fair, sold 2, gave away rest as a present!
The finished product
November storm



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