Monday 7 April 2014

Spring, again...

So Spring is upon us and so much of my New Years resolution
 of updating my Blog a bit more frequently.
But I'm here now and I have moved on from my
 "NoSnowThisWinter" dissapointment.
Now I'm enjoying the soft, green haze that appears on
 the trees and bushes.
In my neighbours garden a blossom tree is showing it's pink lushious flowers
and will soon be confettiyng the whole street.

Also (in the back garden of an other neighbour, there is a pear tree in full bloom.

In my livingroom I changed the warm winter decor into fresh and springy!
I bought a new cover for my Ektorp Sofa.
The colour is called Duck Egg.

Please ignore the mess on the coffeetable,
 I was just in the middle of something when I took this picture.

Between my fulltime job and keeping my house tidy and neat,
I (ofcourse) crocheted a lot.
Here are some creations;


For the TeenyWeenyDesign Etsy Shop;
Yosd/LittleFee items

Blythe items;

And last but not least, I have ordered a new doll. 
Even when I was on a dolly diet!!
It is a doll from the talented dollmaker Connie Lowe.
The doll's name is Sprocket "Glee".
I itch to make all kinds of wonderful hats, shoes and many more things!
Here's an example how she looks;

I'm still waiting for her to be delivered and then I have to do the face makeup.
(this made the doll a lot cheaper) 
I'll make her in a little redhead with freckles!

Keeping you informed how I get along with this......later!

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