Wednesday 5 April 2023

Let's put up a Blog Update....

 Hello again, still alive, and time for a new blog. Time flies, I've mentioned it before...

I'm in the last weeks of recovering from hip replacement surgery, before I have to go and start my day job again.

All is going well, and I have had time enough to crochet and fill up my webshop(s).

 Predominately Blythe Doll related...all designed and handmade by me....

So here are a a few pictures. For more you can see what I have for sale ; 

For orders within the Netherlands go to; 

For orders anywhere else go to; 

You can also follow me on Instagram;



Nostalgic Beachwear


Sleep Masks

                                                      Cosy Little Rugs

                                                          Festive Bunting

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