Sunday 29 October 2023

 A short update;

Since my hip replacement (in january) I have recovered nicely and I can walk quite good again. 

Sitting at home and enjoying a slower pace of life, during my recovery, 

made me decide to go and take (early) retirement. 

I am now 61 and have been working for 44 years. 

Even longer when you count holiday and a weekend job when I was in my teens.

Now I can create crochet items, illustrate things and other crafts, potter in  the garden, or just do nothing at all, guilt free and at another pace than before.

I also made my own (and all English) webshop!   Check it out sometimes;

(But my Etsy shop is also still there)

This is what I designed and created the last few months; ENJOY!!

Blythe Crown Kingsday


Poncho (closes at the back with little strings) 

Halloween Jack Skellington Hat

The Blythe Family

Toadstool Season

And currently working on Christmas Items....

I love to hear what you think

Wednesday 5 April 2023

Let's put up a Blog Update....

 Hello again, still alive, and time for a new blog. Time flies, I've mentioned it before...

I'm in the last weeks of recovering from hip replacement surgery, before I have to go and start my day job again.

All is going well, and I have had time enough to crochet and fill up my webshop(s).

 Predominately Blythe Doll related...all designed and handmade by me....

So here are a a few pictures. For more you can see what I have for sale ; 

For orders within the Netherlands go to; 

For orders anywhere else go to; 

You can also follow me on Instagram;



Nostalgic Beachwear


Sleep Masks

                                                      Cosy Little Rugs

                                                          Festive Bunting

Friday 19 March 2021

I would love..... try and post more regularly, but I never do.

I saw another Blog and was inspired again...

Here in the Netherlands the weather right now is sunny....the crocuses have dissapeared and I have a very solitairy daffodil in my front garden. 

Luckally my Viburnum has exploded with flowers, which are happily been visited by many bees.

I am crocheting on various projects....

 Bru Island Doll Outfit Easter


 Bru Island Doll Outfit Spring

and just send an order to the US. 

Hat for Middie Blythe

It has been a while, regarding orders from my webshop (  ). I think it is due to the (very expensive) shipping costs and safety regulations. It used to be so easy and cheaper, because everything was send flat, like a letter in an envelope. Now it is regarded as a parcel.

Luckally people understand and orders are starting to come in again.

And this motivate me to make more lovely things....

    Striking a pose....
 (outfit is included in  Bru sland Doll Outfit easter)

What else? Working on a baret for Blythe...

And , not creativally related; 199 colleagues and I demonstrated, on the 5th of March, 
against cuts in people at my job. Several Unions were there, as well a political representatives.
The plans are to close Ticket/Information counters at many railwaystations and reduce, drastically,
the Service Employees.   

On our way to the designated demonstration area near the Central Railway Station in  Utrecht....
All Covid -19 regulations were respected.

It felt quite impressive....

Friday 5 June 2020

Hi, I'm back!!!

OOOOPsssss! I'm back

Love to have been blogging more frequently, but I see my last post was in 2015!!!  Shame on me.
I just didn't use it that often, and after some time, I just forgot.
Making a new start (I hope)
Life and work take over sometimes.

I still work for the Dutch Railways, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Railwaycompany in the Netherlands)
And I still create chrocheted things. In the first place for Blythe dolls, and BJD.

Here are some of my recent creations …..(most of them are sold, but please visit my webshop on Etsy;   )

  A Collection for RealFee

                                           But also for (vintage) Strawberry Shortcake

                                     And I was tempted to purchase a Bru Island Doll

And for myself (so not for sale)  I made a new cover for an old piano stool...

That is it for now, new things and information coming soon...